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CGC-1515745 | CCC-1330623

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• Saint Lucie County
• Martin County
• Indian River County (South)
• Okeechobee County
• Palm Beach County (North)

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Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t do any other type of construction besides roofing, even though we are certified general contactors and have over 20 years of experience in all the construction fields in general construction, we only specialize in what we do best and that is roofing.

We specialize mainly in (2) kinds – shingle and metal roofs.
No Tile roofs.

We concentrate in Palm beach, martin, st Lucie and Indian river counties.

After the building permit is approve by the local building department authority

  • 2 days for tear off
  • 2 days to install
  • 2-3 days for building inspections.

Total after permit has been issue about 7 business days or less.

  • Google the reviews for each company and read their reviews
  • Check that the roofing company have general liability and workers compensation for all the employees.
  • Make sure they give you a written estimate with all the details, you may want to avoid surprise charges.
  • Our labor warranty is for 5 years
  • Shingles is limited lifetime warranty
  • Metal roof is mostly over 30 years depending which manufacturer?

We do, but mainly concentrate in residentials roofing.

It depends on size of the roof and type of materials the homeowner wants.

Information Coming Soon…